Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee of the Kingston Symphony Association is a dynamic group of approximately 200 people dedicated to the support of the Kingston Symphony Association and to music education in the community. The support of Kingston Symphony Association Volunteer Committee and its members, who organize various events throughout the year, is invaluable to the Kingston Symphony Association.


Beth Woodley, Chair

Terry Murphy, Treasurer

Kathy Beers, Secretary

Committee Chairs

Marion Westenberg, Newsletter

Susan Gibbon, Program

Elaine Agarand, Social

Reine Dawe, Music Awards

Beth Woodley, Music Lovers' House Tour

Elaine Agarand, Ushering

Sheilagh Manuel, Fashion Show

Linda MacKinnon, Publicity

Betty Andrews, All Things Christmas

Ed Agarand, Member At Large

Paul Banfield, Archives


For more information about joining the Volunteer Committee or about any of the events they hold, please contact the Kingston Symphony Association office at 613-546-9729 or info@kingstonsymphony.on.ca. To download a copy of their membership brochure, please click here