Kingston Symphony Volunteers Online Sale

We are offering order pickups on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

We ask our customers to please wear a face mask when you come to pick up your items, as well as maintain physical distancing as best you can from others who may be waiting in line.

Please visit our online store at to check out our great selection!

Here are some tips and tricks to help navigate our online store:

    • There is no need to register on Shopify. Your information will be collected when you check out.
    • In the top navigation, click on ‘Catalog’ to see all products for sale.
    • In the top navigation, click on ‘Catalog’ to see all products for sale.
    • You can filter products by genre or item. You can also filter products by title within each genre.
    • You can search for specific titles, authors, or artists by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the website.
    • Some categories have multiple pages of products. To see the next page, click the arrows at the bottom to advance to the next page.
    • When viewing a specific product, hover your mouse over the image to get a closer view of the product.
        To purchase a product on our store:
        1. Visit
        2. Select the items you wish to purchase.
        3. Use your credit card or PayPal to pay for the items.
        4. Wait 2-4 days to receive pickup confirmation email.
        5. Pick up your package at the Kingston Symphony Warehouse, 785 Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard, Unit 7A at your confirmed pick-up time.

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Google Maps directions to Kingston Symphony Warehouse

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