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Book Fair 2022 - Opening Night Early Entry Tickets

Available for purchase starting Wednesday, August 17 @ 9:00 a.m. $20 each. Only 50 tickets available!

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The Kingston Symphony has created a number of online initiatives over the last year and a half including digital performances, interviews with our musicians, and a children's series. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest video releases.

Harmon in Space!
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Harmon in Space! Season 1

Harmon is stuck in space and she can’t land her ship! She needs to play the correct piece of music into her computer in order to land on Earth. It’s a good thing she has her friends in the Kingston Symphony! You can watch season one on our YouTube channel.


Season at a Glance

We have missed you deeply, and we can’t wait to perform our unbelievable 2022-2023 lineup for you!


Find out what’s happening at the Kingston Symphony as part of our Before the Downbeat initiative! Pre-concert talks, program notes, special feature videos, podcasts with Evan Mitchell, and more.


Dvorak & Haydn

February 12 2023

Beethoven's 9th

March 05 2023

Your Hit Parade

April 15 2023

Fascinating Rhythm

April 30 2023

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Symphonic Shenanigans

Can you make music with tin cans, soda straws, garden hoses, and turkey basters? Juno Award-winning children’s entertainer Al Simmons can! Discover the wacky science behind these zany instruments as he pits them against the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments of the Kingston Symphony in this action-packed, sing-along concert.

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Candlelight Christmas

Ring in the season with our classical Christmas concerts! This is the perfect way to begin your holiday festivities, so make sure to include one of these delightful performances on your wish list as these concerts sell out every year. Hear music written to celebrate the season and sing along with the Kingston Symphony and Kingston Choral Society to your favourite carols. An early gift of music the whole family will enjoy!

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Harmon Live

Kingston viral sensation Harmon the Hound takes a break from her busy spaceflight schedule to join her friends in the Kingston Symphony live on stage, where she learns all about their different instruments. If you are a Harmon fan (who isn’t?), then this is the very first chance to see her in person! This is a concert for all ages.

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Your Hit Parade

Canadian entertainer Michael Vanhevel and the Kingston Symphony bring you a new, hit show featuring the absolute greatest songs from the era of the crooner! Join Michael, special guest pianist Mark Payne, and the Kingston Symphony musicians as they perform a non-stop hit parade of tunes that were sung by Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Frank Sinatra and more! This concert is a trip down memory lane that will have you snapping your fingers and singing along!

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A Celtic Journey

Local fiddling sensation Kelli Trottier joins us for an electrifying, toe-tapping Celtic celebration. As a triple-threat, she brings her crisp fiddling, angelic voice, and fiery step-dancing to the stage. Backed by the Kingston Symphony, Kelli’s performance will be an unstoppable tour-de-force!

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