Kingston Symphony Volunteers
Kingston Symphony Volunteers

The Kingston Symphony Volunteers are a dynamic group of approximately 200 people dedicated to the support of the Kingston Symphony Association and to music education in the community. The support of the Kingston Symphony Volunteers and its members, who organize various events throughout the year, is invaluable to the Kingston Symphony Association. Their Book Fair, Vinyl Records Sale, and All Things Christmas, Gifts & Art Sale have become beloved events in the Kingston community. To learn more about the work they do and the events they organize, see Volunteer Opportunities.

Executive Committee

  • Kathy Beers, Chair
  • David Notman, Past Chair
  • Gill Turnbull, Secretary
  • Terry Murphy, Treasurer

  • Betty Andrews, Elaine Agarand & Marion Westenberg, All Things Christmas, Gifts & Art Sale
  • Betty Andrews & Tom Pynn, Book Fair
  • Ann Lukits, Music Awards
  • Kathy Beers, Newsletter
  • Linda MacKinnon, Photography
  • David Notman, Vinyl Records Sale
  • Ed Agarand, Member at Large