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Composing the Kingston Symphony Association's Future

The Kingston Symphony Association is pleased to announce that its project, Composing the Kingston Symphony Association's Future, has been approved to receive funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund.


Book Fair starts today!

It's been months in the making. Kingston Symphony Volunteers Book Fair starts today!


Thousands of books await

During the first two weeks of September, the Kingston Symphony Warehouse transforms into a literary haven, bustling with excitement. Volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes, sorting thousands of books, to bring this magical event to life.


The Kingston Symphony turns 70!

The Kingston Symphony is excited for the 2023-2024 concert season to begin! Prepare to witness some of history's greatest art come to life, performed live right before your eyes. Rest assured, this season is nothing short of extraordinary - our most remarkable lineup to date awaits you!


The new

Welcome to the Kingston Symphony's new website! We are thrilled to introduce many improved features, which will make navigation easier and browsing more enjoyable.

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